Customer Privacy Policy

A variety of educational technology is used in this course, including internet-based technologies or web-based applications, cloud services and social media. The use of technology is part of your engagement in this course. Some of these learning tools may collect, use and/or disclose your personal information and store or access that information outside of Canada.

The following educational technologies, which stores or accesses your personal information outside Canada, is required for our courses:

Learning Management System: Instructors post resources and activities. Participants retrieve information and submit assignments
Google Form (for some courses only)
Document viewer for submission of assignments

Accredible (for some courses only)
Certificate creator

The privacy policy and the terms of use for each service are noted in the table above. We encourage you to read these documents.

If you are not comfortable with your personal information being stored outside of Canada, please email [email protected] prior to starting the course about using an alternative (such as using an alias or nickname). Otherwise, by continuing in this course, you agree to the use of the educational technology in the course and the storage of personal information outside of Canada.

CASL legislation: We value your privacy. Your contact information is used solely for communication with The University of Victoria. 

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